DORA Metrics 2.0 & Cycle Time 2.0

You can now measure software delivery efficiency more effectively with the new DORA Metrics and Cycle Time. View a breakdown of your team's Pull Requests and zoom into any Pull Request. If you expand the Pull Request, you will find more data about it, such as commits, deploys, issues, and reviews associated with the PR, as well as the Lead Time of the Pull Request. You can also select the option of ignoring the PR so that it won't impact the Cycle Time and DORA Metrics. 

Waydev Features Explained

Check out our thorough explanation about Waydev's Features available in Video and Text format, to help you get the most out of Waydev!
Read our documentation about each feature here.

New Notifications Feature

You can now create custom notifications from scratch or use one of our templates. You can choose from one of our template conditions or create a new one from more than 70 metrics and receive notifications via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat. You can get notified when someone works on weekends, a PR fails, a PR was approved but not merged, or the Cycle Time exceeds 12 hours. You can also choose who to notify and on what platform (Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat).

Review Collaboration - Improved collaboration metrics

We improved the Review Collaboration report, by centralizing the data and trendline reports from the Submitter and Reviewer Fundamentals reports into a single report - Review Collaboration

And by hovering your cursor over contributor profile pictures, you can now see more data about collaboration dynamics in your teams, such as:

  • who reviews whose PRs 
  • whose PRs are being reviewed by whom
  • who reviewed the most/ least PRs
  • who submitted the most/ least PRs

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