NEW Heatmap

New Heatmap widgets to provide better clarity on your teams' activities! We have replaced the Activity Heatmap feature with improved widgets available in Team Insights, Contributor Insights, and the Dashboard. These widgets will provide better clarity on team activity based on commits, pull requests, tickets, reviews, or deployments. 

NEW Jira Webhooks

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Jira Webhooks! Now, with Jira Webhooks, you can receive real-time data updates from Jira directly in Waydev!

Learn how to set this up here

Improved Sharing Index

We improved the way we calculate the Sharing Index! The Sharing Index is a metric designed to assess how well your team collaborates on code reviews. It quantifies the distribution of reviews across your team members and considers factors that promote fair and active participation. By analyzing the distribution of reviews among submitters and the participation of reviewers, it provides a score from 0 to 1. A higher score indicates well-distributed reviews and active involvement from all team members.

Learn how the new Sharing Index is calculated here.

NEW Team Insights

The improved Team Insights Report provides a comprehensive summary of your teams' recent activities, enabling you to understand their performance and progress better.

In the snapshot section of the "Team Insights Page" you will now see:

  • The selected team's Cycle Time;
  • The selected team's Work Heatmap;
  • The selected team's total number of commits;
  • The selected team's Pull Request Activity;
  • The selected team's Most Active Pull Requests.

Documentation here.

Custom Metrics 2.0

We are excited to announce Custom Metrics 2.0! This update allows engineering leaders to tailor their metrics according to their unique needs. With Custom Metrics 2.0, you can create these metrics from Waydev's metrics or connect to other tools via our API, allowing you to track a wider range of data points beyond Waydev's default metrics.

Read the documentation here

Manage teams via API

We’re excited to announce that you now have the option to manage your teams with Waydev’s API! Now, you can easily create, delete, and update teams, as well as manage team members, all through the Waydev API. This update makes managing teams in Waydev simpler and more efficient. Documentation here.

P.S. We'd love to hear your feedback!

New Custom Reports

Introducing the new Custom Reports feature: Create personalized, detailed reports using up to 10 selected Waydev metrics. This feature is specifically designed for large datasets, making it ideal for team leaders who need in-depth analysis over extended periods, such as quarterly performance reviews. This enhancement significantly boosts our platform’s capability to handle extensive datasets efficiently without any timeouts.

Learn more from our documentation here.

P.S. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Industry Benchmarking Insights

At Waydev, we believe in the power of benchmarking to show where your company stands in the industry. We provide a clear comparison with the market, highlighting areas for growth. Our commitment to transparency ensures you're well-informed about your position and how to advance further.

New: Detect Releases via Repository Tags

Waydev has updated its features to improve how you track deployments and calculate DORA Metrics. Alongside the existing methods of identifying deployments—through merged Pull Requests into a specified branch or via the Waydev API—we've now added the ability to use GitHub repository tags.

Learn how to set up DORA metrics here

Release notes - March 4th, 2024

  • [new] ability to detect releases based on repository tags
  • [improvement] DORA metrics computation optimized
  • [improvement] DORA metrics are now grouped by repository instead of by pull request to offer more flexibility
  • [improvement] Jira link to commits/pull requests has been optimized
  • [bug-fix] fixed a bug on Notifications that would add in some scenarios an unwanted metric to the report
  • [bug-fix] fixed Activity tab of Team Insights not loading at week change in some scenarios
  • [bug-fix] fixed filters not showing as expected in dark mode for Resource Planning
  • [bug-fix] fixed some API routes not working on Enterprise
  • [bug-fix] fixed PR status UI issue in modal
  • [bug-fix] fixed Work Type explanation broken on Dark Mode
  • [bug-fix] fixed Applications not being selected in the side menu on application view page
  • [bug-fix] fixed browser crashing if a user selected a time metric in Team Compare before selecting a team
  • [bug-fix] fixed UI issue when going from Operational Users to Velocity Report
  • [bug-fix] fixed graph colors being wrong in the Resource Planning graph
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