Calendar Activity

Connect your team's calendar to view and optimize their maker time and keep meeting load under control.

Maker Time is the percentage of uninterrupted two-hour blocks of time when an engineer can focus on coding.

Friction Time represents the blocks of time in between meetings that are less than 2 hours long - not enough for an engineer to get back into the flow.

Custom Dashboards

You can now build and customize your dashboard to have the most tailored view of your team's performance. 

Choose from the different views and select any metric you want on your dashboard.

You can move the widgets around and design the dashboard to match your priorities.

After you save the report, you can set it as your Dashboard by switching the toggle on. 


Benchmark your team performance against the entire organization. Set improvement goals by leveraging industry benchmarks researched across 10,000+ engineering teams.

Hover over the tooltip for each metric in your Dashboard to view your organization and industry benchmarks for the last quarter (April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022).

Team Average benchmarks are calculated across all teams in your organization. 

Industry Average benchmarks are researched across 10,000+ engineering teams.

Metrics that indicate total values are adjusted to the period selected. Waydev detects and removes outliers from benchmarks. 

Review Collaboration - Improved collaboration metrics

We improved the Review Collaboration report, by centralizing the data and trendline reports from the Submitter and Reviewer Fundamentals reports into a single report - Review Collaboration

And by hovering your cursor over contributor profile pictures, you can now see more data about collaboration dynamics in your teams, such as:

  • who reviews whose PRs 
  • whose PRs are being reviewed by whom
  • who reviewed the most/ least PRs
  • who submitted the most/ least PRs

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