Custom Metrics 2.0

We are excited to announce Custom Metrics 2.0! This update allows engineering leaders to tailor their metrics according to their unique needs. With Custom Metrics 2.0, you can create these metrics from Waydev's metrics or connect to other tools via our API, allowing you to track a wider range of data points beyond Waydev's default metrics.

Read the documentation here

New: Detect Releases via Repository Tags

Waydev has updated its features to improve how you track deployments and calculate DORA Metrics. Alongside the existing methods of identifying deployments—through merged Pull Requests into a specified branch or via the Waydev API—we've now added the ability to use GitHub repository tags.

Learn how to set up DORA metrics here

New: Undo merges

To improve the user experience when merging engineer profiles, we've introduced an 'Undo previous merge' button. This feature allows you to quickly revert the last merge action if you realize a mistake was made immediately after merging. 

Updated Design for the Contributor Insights Report

The "Performance" tab on the "Contributor Insights" page has been updated with a refreshed design. 

The performance tab includes an overview of the selected contributor's performance in a selected time frame compared to the average of a selected team. For each metric, you can see the value for the selected time frame, the evolution (%), the percentile bar, and an evolution graph.

Read the documentation here

Added 'Performance' Tab to Team Insights Report

Our "Team Insights" report now includes a "Performance" tab, allowing you to compare the selected team's performance to the organization's performance. 

For each metric in this tab, you can see the value for the selected time frame, the evolution (%) since the previous period, the percentile bar, and an evolution graph.

Read the documentation here

Updated Filters

We’ve updated our filters! We've made these changes to simplify your navigation and help you find what you need faster.

How to Use:

  •         Pick an Application: Start by selecting the application you're interested in.
  •         Choose the Teams: Then, choose teams within that application and click "Apply"

❗️ It's mandatory to configure your applications and ensure teams and repositories are assigned to them. Without this step, you won't be able to view any data. Learn how to do that here.

Configure Ticket Projects

You can now configure ticket projects for all ticketing integrations: Jira, Azure Boards, and ClickUp, to ensure real-time and accurate data on ongoing sprints. This update enables you to use the following reports:

  • Resource Planning, which provides insights into your resource allocation and utilization.
  • Project Costs, which offers a clear view of how much you spent on each epic

Supporting Kanban

The Velocity Report supports both Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

When operating on a Scrum board, you have the additional option to select specific Sprints. Conversely, when navigating a Kanban board, the system provides access to the tickets.

To ensure clarity and ease of navigation, the Velocity Report automatically adjusts the page title to reflect your chosen board type.

DORA Metrics Benchmarking

Our DORA Metrics now come with robust benchmarks. The DORA Metrics Benchmarks are derived from a study of 1,971 development teams and 847,000 code branches. Each metric widget in the DORA Metrics report displays an icon for its benchmark. Hovering over the icon reveals detailed benchmark values for that metric.

Introducing 'Teams' for Graph Display

Introducing our latest graph display option: "Teams". This feature allows users to track and compare metrics across different teams. Each team's data is represented by a unique color on a unified graph for clear differentiation.

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