Compare Developers Improvement

We've added the option to compare engineer stats with team average stats using the Developer Compare feature. This will help you spot underperformers and identify coaching opportunities. Comparing engineer stats with team average stats can also help you discover top performers and recognize their wins.

PR Stats for Team and Developer Compare, Hide Developer Names, and Azure DevOps Server integration

We've added PR stats in the Team Compare and the Developer Compare features. Learn more about Team Compare and Developer Compare.

If you want to hide developers' names from other users in the platform, you can do it by following this guide.

We've just launched our integration with Azure DevOps Server. Learn more about integrating Azure DevOps Server here.

June Updates

The Time Card feature now displays the time zone used for the stats.

We added Throughput, Productive Throughput, and Commits/ Active Day in Targets. Learn more about Targets.

You can now view more than 5 engineers in the Work Log, using the 'Per Page' filter.

You can now sort individual engineer stats in the Dashboard. You can do this by clicking on each metric's name.

We created a new Role Management permission - 'Assign all repos'. Providing this permission automatically assigns any newly added repos to users with this permission. Learn more about Role Management.

We’re live on Product Hunt

We’re thrilled to announce that Hiten Shah decided to hunt us on Product Hunt today! Since our last launch, we’ve managed to add Pull Request stats and Tickets stats using the integration with Jira and soon Azure.

Waydev 3.0 - Git Analytics platform for engineering managers | Product Hunt Embed

I would be delighted to have your upvote and know your feedback. Without feedback from our community, we wouldn’t have made it to this point. Thank you, Waydev Community!

Developer Summary Improvements

We redesigned the Developer Summary feature, adding new metrics and visual enhancements to improve usability. The new Developer Summary metrics include tt100, PRs Merged Without Review, PR Comments Addressed, and more. You can learn more about the new Developer Summary metrics here.

NEW: Pull Request Velocity Metrics

We've worked with our customers' feedback to develop metrics that reflect the Pull Request Velocity. You can now visualize the average duration for each step of the pull request cycle

We also built quantitative pull request metrics, such as the number of pull requests merged without rebasing, the number of pull requests merged without review, and more.

You can find the Pull Request Velocity metrics in the Developer Stats, Teams Stats, and Repositories Stats reports. Click on the Pull Requests Stats button to toggle the Pull Request Velocity metrics.

NEW: Pull Request Risk

Introducing Pull Request Risk - Monitor the probability of a pull request to cause problems. The Pull Request Risk metric aggregates multiple data points, among the number of commits, the size of the commits, the spread and depth of the changes.

You can visualize Pull Request Risk using the Work Log and the Review Workflow features.

Inactivity Improvement

We've improved the Inactivity feature by adding more events that label an engineer as active.

We are now looking at Commits, Pull Requests, Pull Requests Comments/ Reviews, Tickets, and Ticket Comments.

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