Additional Settings customization

We would like to introduce more customization options on our Settings page:

Manual cloning process – Start cloning the data whenever you want

Ignored Commits Based on Message content

You can set a custom regex to ignore commits with a message that matches the regex you set. For example, if you set the setting to "/\bweb\b/i", Waydev will ignore all the commits which contain the word "web" in the commit message.

Choose the hour to start processing the data

Include merges into reports - By default, we don't include merges into our reports, but if you want to see them, you can toggle including merges on.

Ignore commits with more LoC - By default, we ignore commits with more than 8000 LoC, but if you want to change this number, you can do it from the Settings page.

March Updates: Settings page, Auto-merge, Multiple integrations

Settings Page

Custom Churn time: now you can adjust the time frame for Churn code, Legacy Refactor & Helping Others according to your sprint duration. It's set as default for 21 days, but if your sprints are not two weeks long, you can set a custom time frame from the settings page. 

Ignore custom extensions: Some companies have custom extensions in their work, now you can also select which extensions you want Waydev to ignore when analyzing your codebase.


We've worked on an Auto-merge tool to save you from the pain of looking through an entire list of engineers. It automatically compares your engineers' profiles and prompts you to confirm a merge between two profiles of the same engineer.

Multiple integrations

For better usability, we've split our Integrations page into two different pages. Now you can connect with more accounts from the same Git provider on the Integrations page.

Impact changes

We improved the way users view the Impact so it translates better into business value. Total Impact is now displayed as an Impact average of the active days. Engineers' Impact is now displayed as a multiple of the average Impact.

Therefore, the average will be 1x, and everything higher or lower will be displayed as a multiple:

  • 1.6x = 60% higher than average
  • 0.4x = 60% lower than average

More stats in the API

We added more data to be pulled through our API: Throughput and Productive Throughput.

Inactivity feature

We added a new feature in Waydev where you can check the inactivity of your engineers.

The percentages on the top of the columns represent the ratio of inactive engineers to total engineers. For example, on Monday, 17 Feb, 22% of the Back-end team's engineers did not commit any code.

 The colors range as below:

  • 0-25% inactivity percentage days are Green
  • 26-50% inactivity percentage days are Orange
  • 51-100% inactivity percentage days are Red

You can find the Inactivity feature in the Daily Standups submenu.