Introducing 'Teams' for Graph Display

Introducing our latest graph display option: "Teams". This feature allows users to track and compare metrics across different teams. Each team's data is represented by a unique color on a unified graph for clear differentiation.

Team Insights

The "Team Insights" dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of your teams' recent activities, enabling you to better understand their contributions and progress. This comprehensive report comes with insightful metrics, such as a Cycle Time Average Breakdown, a Pull Request Activity Graph, an Issue Breakdown, a Work-Log, and various other widgets. Each of these widgets is designed to offer a unique lens into your team’s performance.

Read our documentation here

Contributor Insights

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest report, Contributor Insights, which helps you better understand your team members' recent activities, track their progress, and identify areas for improvement.

The report includes a range of valuable metrics, such as an individual work log, a detailed work breakdown, an active issues list, a recent activity list, a pull request activity list, and a recent risky commits list. Using these reports, you can quickly identify potential issues and celebrate your team's successes.

Documentation here

DORA Metrics Advanced Settings

In the latest update of Waydev, we have introduced Advanced DORA Metrics Settings - that provide enhanced control over deployment and failure definitions for each specific repository, application, or integration. This update allows users to customize the DORA metrics setup to align with their team's unique needs and workflows, which can lead to deeper insights into their development process and help identify areas for improvement.

New Way to Display DORA Metrics

You can now see all DORA Metrics graphs at the same time, as they are now visible in four separate widgets on the DORA Metrics page. View the graphs as bars, stacks, or areas, and select whether you want to see the metrics by weeks or months. 

Scroll down and see all Pull Requests, Incident Pull Requests, Builds/Deploys, and Failures included in these metrics.

Read our documentation here

Multiple Active Dashboards

You can now set multiple Dashboards as Active in your Waydev account. After switching on the toggle for the Dashboards you want Active, they'll appear in the sidebar menu under “All Dashboards”. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions in our documentation and learn how to set your dashboards as active.


Targets Update

To keep track of your Targets, you can now visualize them in the Targets Dashboard from the Dashboards section in the sidebar menu. All the targets you'll set will be displayed here in a color-coded dashboard.

Learn more about setting up your targets in our documentation.


Applications are the new Waydev feature that allows you to group multiple repositories, teams, and boards into a single Application. Once set up, you can filter your reports based on these applications.

You can learn how to set up your applications by following the instructions provided in our documentation.

DORA Metrics Update: Setup DORA Metrics

We changed the way DORA Metrics are tracked in Waydev, and we are using signals from your Git provider. 

It is now necessary for you to set up and configure your DORA Metrics. You will need to select what Waydev should count as a deploy or a failure. This can be easily accomplished by following the step-by-step instructions provided in our documentation.

Custom Metrics

Introducing Custom Metrics, a feature that enables engineering leaders to tailor their metrics according to their unique needs. With Custom Metrics, you can now leverage your own variables and formulas to track a wider range of data points beyond what Waydev's default metrics offer.

This new feature allows you to gain an even greater understanding of your team's performance and progress toward your goals. You can choose the unit of measurement and specify whether the value should increase or decrease. Furthermore, you can utilize variables from Waydev's default metrics or configure your own custom events in the "Events Type" section of "Settings."

With Custom Metrics, you can now identify and track data points that are specific to your team's needs. This added flexibility will help you make better-informed decisions and drive more meaningful outcomes.

Read the documentation here.

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