NEW - Project Costs & Resource Planning reports

We're excited to introduce our new budgeting reports. As an engineering executive, you can now see how much each feature and epic costs, understand the costs behind unplanned workbug fixing, and visualize the progress for each of your key business initiatives. Read more about the new reports below.

Project Costs - Accelerate Innovation and Maximize Business Impact

The Project Costs report provides insight into the progress and costs of key initiatives and deliverables to help teams ship on schedule.

It enables engineering executives to effectively communicate the engineering team’s progress, results, and constraints to the business leaders to establish unified goals and success metrics.

Resource Planning - Visualize the Financial Costs of Engineering Work

The Resource Planning report helps engineering executives understand how well resources are allocated and how to optimize team dynamics to improve software delivery velocity. It helps identify how bug fixes and issues impact roadmap and delivery velocity.

Gain complete visibility into engineering teams' work and how that work aligns with the organization's key business initiatives and across the engineering department.

These reports are available for Jira users at the moment. You can access the new features in the Reports section.